Diamond Gang is a act of rebellion against mediocrity. Leading the way out of darkness and into the life of Diamonds. Designs inspired from streetwear & high end fashion. Our art speaks for itself, merging these influences together to bring you truly unique collections of clothing.


Mark Perez, the CEO and Founder of Diamond Gang has a unique story behind his brand and the way in which he communicates his message through luxury streetwear. Perez was raised on the North side of Melbourne, Australia in a town called Meadow Heights. Growing up on the streets and hanging out with friends. All he did was listening to rap, rock and raced motocross.
His love for design and art shinned through at a latter age. During high school he studied graphic design which was by far his favourite subject. His passion was cut short due to listening to wrong people, being closed minded and not believing in himself.

He went on the pursue a “normal career” in construction, specializing in carpentry. After 5 years he decided it was time to take control of his own life and do what he truly loved.

The change first began by searching deep within himself. Learning who he really was and what he loved to do. This began to shift his attention to street fashion.

In 2017 he launched Diamond Gang with a message behind the vision that would inspire others to not conform to mediocrity, chase after their dreams and never listening to the negative opinions of society.

His unique creative style shines through his collections with every individual item having its own story. With a relentless attitude Perez will make huge strides in the fashion industry. In 2018 Perez plans to make Diamond Gang his full time job, living through his message to others.